Eleven questions to ask yourself when looking to buy property

324 days ago

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Buying property, especially for first-timers, can be a daunting and stressful task. There are so many details to consider and it's not a quick process.

The Greg & Lucky Drive Show's Lucky is buying a home and the team looked at a few questions you should ask yourself when you're looking to invest in property.

Greg posed six questions (read on News24) to Lucky to find out if he's indeed ready to make one of his big adulting decisions.

Here are six questions to ask before buying property...

1\. Are you able to afford the property, financially

Be sure to chat to the banks and also do an honest evaluation of your financial situation before starting the process.

2. Are you working with a trusted, experienced professional

Does your estate agent have a good track-record?

3. What's fully-included in the sale?

What will be the contents of the property sale? What are the previous owners taking with them and what are they leaving behind?

4. How old is the property?

Will you need to do renovations to the place before/after you've moved in? Find out who the developers are and whether they have a good reputation.

5. Have you chosen the right area for you?

Will the area's value be going up in the near future? What are the future developments coming up in the area that could affect the property's value in a few years?

Also, are you close to your partner's mother? This is essential.

Greg, The Greg & Lucky Drive Show

6. Will the area have a good return on investment?

Is the area value appreciating each year and by how much?

Those are News24's questions...

Greg decided to come up with five of his own that he thinks are vitally important.

Here they are.

1. WIll it have space for all of my stuff?

Sometimes you think you have enough space, but you might not. Let go of some of the stuff you no longer need; especially if you have a storage unit in your previous place.

2. Is there enough parking for visitors?

Will you be able to accommodate enough people when you're hosting?

3. have you sussed out your neighbours?

Are the neighbours normal? Have you spotted any creepy behaviour?

4. is there enough space in the house for me to be alone?

When you're in trouble with your partner, is there somewhere you can go without still being in their vicinity?

5. Has someone died in the home before?

If you're like Lucky and you're afraid of little girl ghosts, you might want to ask the estate agent and do a cleansing of the place before moving in.

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