Dis-Chem Foundation Random Act of Kindness: Reiger Park Cancer Support Group

135 days ago

The Reiger Park Cancer Support Group was started in 2015, with the aims of creating a safe space for cancer patients and their families.

Ulita Billings is the founder and chairperson of the group.

Whilst providing spiritual support, she says they have also tried to assist with treatment.

We are serving a great community, we try to provide the much needed support to our cancer survivors and their families.

Ulita Billings, Chairperson

We do assist them where we can with home based care, in conjunction with the Reiger Park clinic. We try to help our patients to get to Johannesburg for treatment, these are the little things we try to do ,to make their lives a little bit easier and give them their dignity.

Ulita Billings, Chairperson

Now Dis-Chem has offered R 10 000 worth of products per month! For an entire year! Watch as Penny Stein - representing the Dis-Chem Foundation - visits Reiger Park to make this amazing announcement...

Click on the link below to listen to the full audio for Breakfast with Xolani Gwala...

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