The 947 Night Show with Zweli and Mantsoe

As far as Zweli and Mantsoe are concerned, the night belongs to them. When they’re not on the radio, they’re out taking on Joburg from dusk till dawn. Zweli’s love for the vibrant inner city has him in and out of Braamfontein like he owns the place. While Mantsoe’s anything-but-shy ways makes her the life of every party.

But don’t be fooled by their love for a good time because these two can hold their own in any debate. “Woke” would be the perfect way to describe Mantsoe, and Zweli has plenty of spicy opinions to keep your nights very interesting.

Catch Zweli & Mantsoe on The Night Show every Monday to Thursday, from 7pm to 10pm.

Stay in touch with Zweli @TheZweli and Mantsoe @MantsoePout. Remember to use the hashtag “#947NightShow”.

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