Lottostar gives aspiring Engineering student R250 000 towards her studies

1320 days ago

This 947 Big September, Lottostar is changing the lives of 4 students with a share of R1 000 000 in education bursaries. We’ve been asking you to go to and tell us why you, or someone you know deserves to get R250 000 towards an education from Lottostar and 947.

With a lot of factors to take into consideration, we had to liaise with a different people to make our plan work.

Firstly, here’s some background on today’s Winner, Erica Crook:

  • The request was sent in by Claire Brink for Erica Crook

  • Claire Brink works at EuroLabs Woodmead with Lindy Crook (Erica’s mom)

  • The Bursary is for Lindy’s daughter, Erica Crook

  • Erica is a Grade 12 student at Johari Christian Academy in Benoni

  • She has an aggregate of 96% for her GDE Matric 2nd Term results

  • According to Claire; Erica, her Mom Lindy and Erica's three sisters have been through a rough ten years

  • Lindy had to move from Cape Town with the clothes she was wearing and her four girls to start over

  • Lindy has been fighting tooth and nail to put food on the table and put the girls through school

  • Erica Crook has the potential to do amazing things but finance is a crippling issue

  • She has been provisionally accepted at UCT for a BSC Engineering Degree

  • But her mom has no idea how they will pay for her fees

  • Erica works at a coffee shop called Thyme and Thyme Again in Benoni on weekends and holidays to help out at home

  • Lindy (Erica’s mom) assists at Thyme and Thyme Again

  • Erica’s sisters also work at Thyme and Thyme Again

Here’s how we did it:

  • We called Claire at EuroLab and asked her to give Lindy the day off work

  • We then called Susan and asked her to get Lindy to help her out at Thyme and Thyme Again in the morning. Susan’s sell was that some important people were going to be visiting in connection with project development in the area.

  • Lindy had to get permission from Claire to get the day off work so that she could help Susan at the Thyme and Thyme Again. Of course, we had already arranged with Claire that Lindy would get the day off

  • The 947 team of Greg & Lucky, 947’s digital producer and Lotto Star’s Tasoulla Hadjigeorgiou and Maria then headed to Benoni.

  • We sent our digital producer (who pretended to be a photographer visiting various coffee shops for Coffee Day) to sit at a table and set up cameras and audio recorders – without looking like a creep.

  • Greg & Lucky were then sent in to pretend like they were profiling Thyme and Thyme Again as a Hidden Gem.

  • We arranged with Susan (Thyme and Thyme Again owner) to make sure that Erica waited on the G & L. and for Lindy to be the manager for the day.

  • This allowed Greg & Lucky to chat to Erica and ask her questions like if she’s on school holiday and which school she goes to, what she wants to study, etc.

Listen to the build up here:

  • Drinks were ordered and then food was ordered. Conversations continued between Erica and the 947 and Lottostar team.

  • The team then pretended that there was an issue with the bill and asked Erica to call the manager, Lindy (also Erica’s mom)

  • Just before this, we learnt that Erica is a fan of Greg & Lucky and asked them if they were actually them. This made the upcoming moments even more special because she had a personal connection with the radio jocks.

  • When Lindy (the manager for the day) arrived with Erica, Greg & Lucky asked them to sit down and then began to reveal that this was all staged and the real reason they’re there is to give Erica a Lotto Star bursary to the value of R250 000.

  • Our digital producer (who now started to feel a bit creepy) had been recording pieces of the conversation.

And then this happened...

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