Zweli sits down for an interesting chat with Ubunifu

444 days ago

Based in London, UK & Nairobi, Kenya, the Ubunifu Space is a digital space where they showcase & share the different sounds & creative arts of young Africans from within the African continent & also in diaspora.

They also aim to help build and create links for Africans from across the continent and the world to come connect share ideas and create new ideas!

Done by Africans for Africans!

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This incredible group of youngsters came through and had a in-depth chat about the work they do!

t the turn of the decade nobody really knew what to expect...

Kanye West, fresh off of his VMA rant where he rudely interrupted Taylor Swift, was about to drop one of the best albums of the decade (and arguably of all time). Beyonce was about to change the way that music was traditionally released. Shekhinah was barely a teenager, while Cas(s)per was known as a friendly ghost and 'AKA' was merely an abbreviation which introduced pseudonyms or other ways to refer to something.

How things have changed...

The 2010s brought about so many changes and the biggest of them all would be the impact of social media. YouTube continued its growth and slowly phased out the likes of TRL (total request live) with vloggers and live music reactions taking the center stage. While the likes of a Perez Hilton, were big in the early 2010s, they mainly focused on the biggest international superstars and there was a gap which needed to be exploited. Somewhere in London there were six young 'music heads' who would shift their focus to an industry that has (by and large) been ignored in the global mainstream market: African music.

Enter, The Ubunifu Space. Six young Londoners- with African heritage- who would buck the trend and react to a different type of movement. An afro movement.

Zweli caught up with the Ubunifu team during their 3 week stay in South Africa to find out more about them and delve into their thoughts about our music scene and what keeps them ticking.

Check out the really superb interview below...


As far as Zweli is concerned, the night belongs to him. When he's not on the radio, they’re out taking on Joburg from dusk till dawn.

Zweli’s love for the vibrant inner city has him in and out of Braamfontein like he owns the place.

But don’t be fooled by his love for a good time because he can hold his own in any debate. “Woke” would be the perfect way to describe Zweli, and has plenty of spicy opinions to keep your nights very interesting - especially when it comes to his beloved Liverpool.

Catch Zweli on #NightsWIthZweli every Monday to Thursday, from 19:00 to 22:00.

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