Top tips to keep your stationary vehicle in tip-top condition during lockdown

54 days ago

If you're not an essential worker you're likely to be using your car a lot less during the national lockdown than you normally would.

Pippa Hudson asks Ciero de Siena (motoring journalist at for his tips to keep your stationary vehicle in tip-top condition.

The most pressing question from listeners is :

- Should I disconnect the battery?

De Siena says the age of your car is a factor to be taken into account. Disconnecting the battery of an older car for instance, would not be causing any issues with the onboard computer system as it could for a newer car.

In most modern cars I'd say it's not a good idea - I would say younger than five to seven years... In fact I'll even challenge you to even find the battery!... Manufacturers literally don't want you to access the battery

Ciro de Siena, Motoring journalist

With an older car, I'd say two to three weeks with the battery connected and the car not starting with a battery that is in a good state will probably be ok... Disconnecting **is** a safe option to go and it might mean that further down the line you don't have any akward jumpstarts...

Ciro de Siena, Motoring journalist

It's not a bad idea with any car to start it and let it idle a little bit, get all the oils warm and circulating... I would say every four or five days, kick the engine over and let it idle for a minute or two. Even on a modern car that's not going to do any harm.

Ciro de Siena, Motoring journalist

- Looking after tyres:

Older tyres could develop flat spots, so De Siena advises moving or pushing the car half a metre backwards and then a couple of days later, moving it forwards again.

- Checking the oil level:

De Siena says all car owner should be checking the oil level, which is simple enough to do.

Other than that, unless you really know what you're doing, I wouldn't tinker with anything in the car and from what I understand, dealerships have been allowed to keep their service centres open... so you can call and check [other things] with your dealer.

Ciro de Siena, Motoring journalist

When there's the opportunity to start driving as per normal again, it's important to check the tyre pressure he says.

De Siena also discusses a new app-based insurer (Naked Insurance) that offers "cover-pause" flexibility.

Listen to the conversation with de Ciero and also Naked Insurance co-founder Alex Thomson (skip to 08:24):

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