Upgrade your cooking skills with these 10 YouTube channels

295 days ago

If you are looking to up your cooking skills here are 10 YouTube channels to help you become your very own MasterChef.

Pailin’s Kitchen

If you love Thai food, this channel is for you. There are delicious Thai favourites that you can try at home. Everything from Thai Green curry to Mango ice cream. Since travel has been ban for now, this channel is a great way of bringing a little bit of Thailand to your kitchen.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella is an all-time favourite. She believes that eating and cooking food should be pleasurable. Her YouTube channel is so perfectly curated that you can find everything from the best salads, pasta dishes and comfort food.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a big ambassador for healthy eating. He makes all your favourite dishes and shows you how to substitute bad ingredients for healthier alternatives. He also has a “15-minutes meal segment” - eating healthy and hearty food doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon has this fun segment on his channel called “scrambled”. He makes his favourite dishes while cooking with some fun celebrity guests. Gordon ensures that you will not only learn how to make new dishes but have tons of fun while doing so.

Food Network

The Food Network Channel has all their top chefs under one channel. Ina Garten, Giadda De Laurentii and Katie Lee all specialise in different styles of cooking, so whatever it is you are in the mood for, The Food Network Channel is bound to have the chef to cater to you.

MasterChef World

MasterChef has taken the world by storm. If you are a fan of the cooking show, you can now find all the recipes that they make on the show and recreate them at home with tips and tricks from the celebrity judges.

J Something

J Something surprised his fans a few years ago by showing us that not only does he have a killer voice, but he can cook too! His channel has his music, but also a dedicated section called “Something’s cooking”


The great thing about this channel is that all the ingredients and products that are used are local. There is no need to find an alternative or substitute as all the products used you can find at your local supermarket. The chefs on the Expresso show, show you how to make local favourites as well as some of their own creations.


Twisted is all about easy, hearty dishes. They have everything from “easy dinner recipes for busy parents” to “Easy desserts to make at home”. Get your kids to join in by helping you cook supper with these easy recipes on Twisted.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Veganism seems to be the new food trend with people now trying to reduce their carbon footprint and be a bit more humane in their eating habits. If you are looking to start on the journey of veganism then Cheap Lazy Vegan is the channel for you. The channel name is self-explanatory, she focusses on cheap and easy ways of cooking vegan.

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