Lockdown and our mental health: One week in – what have we learned?

329 days ago

It is a week since 702 sports presenter Cindy Poluta launched a mental health focussed podcast to mark South Africa's 21 day national lockdown .

The inspiration for the Locked And Down podcast – made in collaboration with SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) - came from a chat she had with Bongani Bingwa earlier this week and hopes to deal with some of the anxieties over this time...

We're still navigating through the first days of lockdown. It's a mixture of emotions: we're feeling hopelessness, we're in survival mode, perhaps have lost track of what day it is. But there's another emotion that I am getting from those around me and those who have contacted me in various platforms.

Cindy Poluta, 702 sports presenter

Cindy's guests recount their experiences and how they navigate various challenges.

She also chats to clinical psychologist Charity Mkone. She tells Charity of how she misses hugs and her mom, who had come into contact with somebody from overseas. But she is grateful for the internet and the fact that people can connect via video call.

Cindy suggests that one should write down how they would like to help others so that when this passes, one has a to-do list.

Charity says it is helpful to pay attention to yourself - perhaps on a daily basis - to check how you are doing and take stock of how far you have come and sending a gratitude to yourself for helping those who are less fortunate.

You also realise what you have relative to others.

Charity Mkone, Clinical psychologist

Cindy says if she had stuck to writing a journal, she would now be grateful that she can breathe, that she has life and I am grateful that I can speak to my loved ones even if it is over the phone.

Locked And Down

Cindy Poluta channels the anxieties of a locked-down community and with the help of Cassey Chambers of SADAG, receives practical advice to cope in a time of fear.

Cindy has invited listeners to share their anxieties around this lockdown with her - for discussion on the podcast. You can contact her via direct message for greatest privacy... on Instagram or twitter @Cindy_Poluta or email her on cindyg@ewn.co.za

Remember help is at hand. Call SADAG tollfree on 0800 456 789 or 0800 21 22 23 between 8am and 8pm.

Cindy Poluta launches mental wellbeing podcast

The podcast deals with anxieties and mental health issues over this time … and it is aptly named Locked And Down.

This article first appeared on 702 : Lockdown and our mental health: One week in – what have we learned?



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