Vin Deysel MIXES lockdown with pleasure

284 days ago

We know him as the popular Monday resident DJ on the #947Mixat6 on #Freshon947 - but now you can access even more of Gavin "Vin" Deysel's talent... while working out!

Lockdown meant that, like the rest of us, Gavin had to do more solitary home workouts prepared by his personal trainer (@missfitmary27). Trying to ward off the temptation of becoming static over this time, Vin recalled something his wife, a Clinical Psychologist, had told him - that studies prove how being active improves mental wellness in addition to physical wellness.

I thought what better way to create awareness around moving and being active than to pair it with my passion for music and staying active.

Gavin Deysel

And with that Vin launched "VinMixFitness" - a daily, almost half-hour, IGtv session where he chats to the personal trainer about what kind workout they are going to do and then adds his music mix to the workout..

Clearly lockdown is not a time for sitting around! So get up, because there is something for everyone!

In his first week of this project, Deysel has mixed everything from bodyweight leg workouts to waterbottle shoulder workouts - stretching and mobility through to full HIIT workouts. With many more to come!

So if it's a HIIT workout, I put together a mix that is faster and more “driving” so it helps push you! If its for a stretch workout I do a nice chilled downtemp deephouse mix.

Gavin Deysel

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