[LISTEN] Joburgers share methods to cook their favourite take out meals

138 days ago

Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash

During the lockdown, is there a point where you were craving a certain fast food or meal from your favorite restaurant.

The team chatted to Neo, who runs @DineWithNeo on Instagram and shares her secrets to recreating her favourite meals.

As of 21 April, the post has gained over 19,000 likes and has even gained the attention of KFC themselves.

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  • Anele has tried Dunked Wings
  • Frankie has tried the McDonald's Secret Sauce
  • Thomas has tried the McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder burger
  • KFC mash, gravy and sweetcorn
  • FIshaways prawn pops

Listen to the full podcast below and download it...

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