How the fourth industrial revolution is holding up in the Covid-19-era

250 days ago

The coronavirus has sped up what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

And like all industrial revolutions and disruptive events, there is a lot of good and potentially some bad that can emanate from this.

If you take a look at the businesses that are thriving at the moment... it is the technology companies. And your question - the notion of privacy -what these companies are doing in terms of track and trace; the ability to listen in on your phone to establish where you've been. Once you're Covid-19 positive they can do proper track and tracing. These things sound really good but the question about the capabilities that they are building is ...what is the nett effect post this virus?

Stafford Masie, CEO - WeWork

Are we going to enter a world in which human beings can see a very large jump in their privacy and through that concession they feel they are safer but in the end we've got companies that understand us better than we understand ourselves?

Stafford Masie, CEO - WeWork

Listen to the interview below.

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