COVID-19 cases in SA going down but citizens need to remain cautious - Mkhize

165 days ago

Even though the was only 2,511 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last 24-hour cycle, 130 more people succumbed to the virus bringing the total number of deaths to 10,751.

These new infections put the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa to 566,109.

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Speaking to Bongani Bingwa, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize says the decrease in the number of cases is promising.

We saw the surge in June and July, there were times when we took three months to get to 30 to 40 thousand people who were positive and then it took one month to get an additional 100,000.

Zweli Mkhize, Minister - Health

It took two weeks in July to get another 120,000. The increase was rapid for provinces outside the Western Cape which was concerning as it was the predicted time of the surge.

Zweli Mkhize, Minister - Health

However, the country is seeing the curve flattening and even though these are promising news, the country needs to be cautious and wait for the numbers to drop, he says.

What we can say is that there hasn't been a province where we were unable to accommodate people who needed to be treated, hospital or taken into ICU or to be put on ventilators. I must thank the health workers, the clinicians, nurses and all our specialists for the work that they have done in managing the whole surge.

Zweli Mkhize, Minister - Health

As it is coming down, we are all still very cautious but it is good news that we have now seen just over 2000 people who are positive in a day. There were days where we were getting 13,000 positive cases and that has come down.

Zweli Mkhize, Minister - Health

The numbers can come down but if we don't continue with taking precautions, we may never get to zero infections.

Zweli Mkhize, Minister - Health

When the government further eases lockdown regulations, the infections can be higher than what has already been seen, he warns.

Listen below to the full conversation:

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