Head to Dinokeng Game Reserve in Hammanskraal for a day out with the family

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Dinokeng Game Reserve – Hammanskraal

The word Dinokeng is derived from Setswana, meaning “a place of rivers”. The Dinokeng Game Reserve is centred around conservation. The project started through a strategic initiative by the Gauteng Provincial Government and over 170 landowners. The Dinokeng Game Reserve has created over 800 permanent jobs for people living in and around the community.

Dinokeng has a variety of accommodation options suitable for all; from two-star quality right up to four-star. You can pitch a tent, come with your own caravan, book a luxury tent or lodge. Noni from the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki, had the pleasure to explore four of the accommodation options at Dinokeng Game Reserve.

Kwalata Game Lodge
Kwalata was established in 1994 as a youth camp that focuses on environmental education and leadership development. This camp has become a vibrant camp for locals and internationals. Kwalata is built with natural stone and thatch roofs for a true natural feel. Kwalata is an ideal venue for groups and bushveld weddings.

For more information: www.kwalata.co.za

Tshikwalo Lodge
The name of the lodge originates from the monkey tree in the Venda language. Accommodation at Tshikwalo Lodge is suitable for everyone, from couples, to the family as well as for corporate bookings. The best part about Tshikwalo is the restaurant that overlooks the waterhole and the plains of Dinokeng Game Reserve. Imagine having an English breakfast while watching elephants play in the water?

For more information: www.tshikwalogamelodge.co.za

Chameleon Bush Lodge
Upon entry, one is greeted with a cup of tea and home-made koeksisters in a beautifully designed reception area. Chameleon is a 4-star self-catering lodge with unique finishing. The lodge accommodates 26 guests in 5 bachelor pad chalets. Each high-quality chalet has a different colour scheme derived from the name of the lodge. For a true bush feel, the lodge has also added outdoor showers to each chalet.

For more information: www.chameleonbushlodge.co.za

Mongena Private Game Lodge
Mongena is a 4-star lodge offering an outstanding bush safari experience. The lodge is named after the Boekenbout tree which is indigenous to the Dinokeng area. The lodge has three standout features which got Noni overly excited:

· A 28-hectare scenic dam where sunset boat cruises are provided

· Zebras and other animals roaming freely within the accommodation area

· Gourmet feasting at the Kingfsher Restaurant overlooking a small dam

For more information: www.mongena.co.za

A big shout-out to Charl from Kwalata who took Noni and Reagile to all the different accommodation offerings. Both Noni and Reagile were so well fed, that they could not eat for the next two days. The friendly atmosphere at Dinokeng Game Reserve is undeniable. The experience is without a doubt the best safari adventure Noni has ever encountered.


September is tourism month and what better way to celebrate this than to explore one of Gauteng’s favourite tourism destinations – Dinokeng Game Reserve. Last week, Noni from the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki explored four of many accommodation options that the reserve offers. Today, she explores the guided game drive and self-drive options.

Explore the bushveld with guided game drives of 2-hour or 3-hour drives within the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve of 20 000 hectares. Drinks and cooler boxes can be provided before departure. Picnic snacks can also be pre-ordered on any game drives booked.

Noni and Reagile arrived at Dinokeng Game Reserve early in the morning with their Suzuki car lights still on. According to Charl from Kwalata Game Lodge, the best time for a game drive is at sunrise or sunset. These are the best times to spot both nocturnal and daytime animals. The Crew’s guided game drive was provided by Sam Musehane – Kwalata Head Ranger, who educated Noni and Reagile on the different animals they came across on the morning drive.

The most commonly confused animal is the impala, which visitors usually identify as a springbok. Sam from Kwalata made it easy for Noni and Reagile to spot the difference. The impala (which has the letter “m” in the name) is the animal that has the McDonalds logo around its tail. So next time you see a heard of springbok or impala, look out for the letter “m” around its tail to decide which of the two species it is.

After the morning drive and buffet breakfast, Noni and Reagile took a short drive in theirs Suzukis around the 2 000-hectare Kwalata property. It is safe to say that both the Vitara and Baleno made it out of the self-drive experience with ease as the tracks are suitable to most sedans. Permits to use the routes can be purchased at the gates of Dinokeng Game Reserve or designated lodges. The permit comes with a map that has reference points and places to stop for breaks.

Dinokeng has a Visitor’s Guide that is popular with families as it provides information to visitors and is seen to keep children interested in learning about nature.

Later on that afternoon, Noni and Reagile took another guided game drive at the Mongena Private Game lodge with qualified ranger Jessie. We came across a huge nest and above it was another nest with a baby owl constantly looking at the safari vehicle. Noni used binoculars for the very first time and had a closer look at this fluffy white specie with big black eyes.

At the end of the game drive, the safari vehicle stopped at a dam for a much-needed snack break while watching the sunset; and just like that, a beautiful day with nature came to an end.

Later on that afternoon, Noni and Reagile took another guided game drive at the Mongena Private Game lodge with qualified ranger Jessie. We came across a huge nest and above it was another nest with a baby owl constantly looking at the safari vehicle. Noni used binoculars for the very first time and had a closer look at this fluffy white specie with big black eyes.

At the end of the game drive, the safari vehicle stopped at a dam for a much-needed snack break while watching the sunset; and just like that, a beautiful day with nature came to an end.

Kwalata Game Lodge – Dinokeng Game Reserve

When last where you on a bike? For Noni from the 947 Crew driven by Suzuki, it is about 20 years ago! Today, Noni will be taking you through the Kwalata guided bush mountain bike (MTB) rides and walks. 947 arrived at Kwalata Game Lodge for welcome tea and home-made rusks before the adventure began.

The 947 Crew jumped into the safari vehicle and drove a couple of kilometres out for the challenge. On the drive, they came across a herd of impala and kudus. When they arrived at their destination, they met Mario and Ash who briefed them on MTB safety rules. Since the crew had not been on bikes in years, they had a practice session before the adventure began.

The first obstacle of the MBT ride is to ride over an overflowing river bridge to make it to the other side. Mario and Ash went first to show Noni how it is done, then she followed suit. The water was cold, but Noni just made it over. Everyone was finally on the other side and it was time to ride.

On the ride, the biking group came across a myriad of different animals. It was a beautiful day and the sun was out to play. At the end of the ride, they stopped along a riverbank for a quick break and pictures before breakfast. The 947 Crew was treated to a fully loaded well-deserved breakfast but only had 10 minutes to eat before the next experience began.

After breakfast, the 947 Crew hopped onto a safari vehicle once again to meet Willie and Dave for a guided bush walk. The biggest rule that came out of the safety briefing is to not panic or run away when approached by wild animals; instead, be quiet and stand still.

The walk was a little intimidating at first, but as time passed the 947 Crew eased into it. The crew came across varied animal dung which Willie and Dave could easily identify. Willie and Dave also taught the crew a lot about the different bird and plant species that co-exist in the bushveld. The highlight of the walk was coming across a body print of a black rhino in the sand. The thought of having an animal as huge as the rhino around the corner, was something special. Willie and Dave highlighted that due to the animal’s aggressive nature, we cannot get too close to it.

Sam, who is the Kwalata Head Ranger came to collect crew in a safari vehicle after the walk and took them to see the beautiful black rhino up close. When they got to the rhino, Willie and Dave were fascinated as to how calm it was as they have never seen this beast so tamed. Sam turned off the safari vehicle so everyone could marvel over this beautiful beast. It was a pleasing sight and an experience of a lifetime.

For more information on the guided bush MBT rides and walks, check out www.kwalata.co.za.

D’nokasi – Dinokeng Game Reserve

The 947 Crew driven by Suzuki is wrapping up Tourism month with a bang. Today, the crew drove to the Dinokeng gate to land at D’nokasi. The name D’nokasi stems from the term ikasi (or kasi) – a term used in South African youth culture slang which stands for township. D’nokasi are kasi entrepreneurs from Dinokeng. They create opportunities for sustainable employment for their community.

As the 947 Crew parked their Suzukis, they were immediately welcomed by Bokamoso Cultural dancers at D’nokasi. Charl from Kwalata Game Lodge has organised for the young group to showcase their talents. It was a seamless performance consisting of song, dance, whistles, and the sound of the African drum. The Crew was pulled into the dance circle to present their own dance moves, and they did not disappoint. The performances ended in chants and a huge round of applause, without a doubt an entertainment piece one has to watch when visiting D’nokasi.

After the dance performance, the crew met the multi-talented Oyano from D’nokasi Crafters. D’nokasi Crafters is a space for young artists to flourish through using their hands. The young artists at D’nokasi Crafters use a number of materials in their artwork, mainly recycled fabrics. They recycle plastic, bottles, wood, steel, and wire. They create castings, wooden toys, clay beads, wire trophies and beadwork.

D’nokasi Crafters have recently started jam sessions where young singers, poets and bands can come and perform for tourists and the community. Oyano is not only a crafter, but she is also an amazing songstress. She later performed a song she wrote about saving the future of the children living in Dinokeng.

‘Freedom, freedom, freedom is a state of mind.

Listen, listen, listen to the voice inside.’

With the support of Dinokeng visitors, D’nokasi Crafters will continue to grow its creative communities and continue to contribute to the economic development of the people who live and work in the region.

For more information -

Email: info@siyazisiza.org.za

Website: info@dinokasi.com

Telephone: 011 706 4507


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