The Great Cheeseburger Debate: Where does the cheese go?

34 days ago

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Can we just settle this once and for all? The great Cheeseburger debate!

How do you handle hamburger assembly? Where do you put the cheese? Between the patty and the bottom bun or directly on top of the patty, then add the top of the bun?

Frankie: "I’ve done this, while the patties are still frying I put the cheese on the bun and then realized it was on the bun."

Anele: "Then the juices from the patty will go into the cheese and make it soggy and funny."

Frankie: "If you bite into it you will bite into the cheese first."

Frankie: "The proper way to do it is to add the cheese onto the patty while it's still frying."

How Do We Handle Hamburger Assembly? Where do you put the cheese?

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The team chatted to the owner of Buns Out, Maps Maponyane, and he said the following...

I don't know why there's a debate because you have to put the cheese on top!

Maps Maponyane, owner of Buns Out restaurant

Here's how Joburgers reacted to the debate?

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