How to buy a basket of cryptocurrencies in South Africa – got R150?

21 days ago

Head over to Sign up for free and use the promo code 'talk'; you’ll get R100 in bitcoin deposited straight into your Revix account when you make your first investment.

Kieno Kammies, presenter - CapeTalk

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If you have never invested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (there are many others), but you are interested in dabbling, then consider checking out Revix.

Revix is a platform that you can use to buy diversified crypto “baskets” containing the world’s top cryptocurrencies.

It is analogous to an index fund tracker that buys, say, the Top-40 shares on the JSE.

Kieno Kammies interviewed Sean Andrew Sanders, CEO and founder of Revix.

Are cryptocurrencies good investments, asked Kammies, no doubt thinking about the recent pullback in the price of many cryptocurrencies.

Sanders says his platform is very easy to use.

You can start with as little as R150 and, because it buys a basket of cryptocurrencies, it is far safer than putting all your eggs in one basket.

We’ve seen a pullback of around 14%... Don’t panic and sell… This market has a lot of new money entering… The longer-term trend - that’s what you should focus on.

Sean Andrew Sanders, founder - Revix

We’ve grown by 1600% since mid-2020… We are expanding into Europe… It’s my lifelong dream to grow a multinational business!

Sean Andrew Sanders, founder - Revix

People treat crypto like a casino… but I believe in the longer-term opportunity… smart money is entering this space… The idea of Revix… is to provide effortless exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies at a low cost…

Sean Andrew Sanders, founder - Revix

Our goal is to expand beyond cryptocurrencies, offering customers a way to invest in themes they believe in – AI, biotech, renewable energy, cannabis…

Sean Andrew Sanders, founder - Revix

We’re exceptionally easy to use… You can start with R150… We have diversified bundles… a nice way to de-risk a risky asset class.

Sean Andrew Sanders, founder - Revix

You should never bet on any single investment… You need some stocks… property… get crypto exposure… The best advice I can give is to diversify…

Sean Andrew Sanders, founder - Revix

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : How to buy a basket of cryptocurrencies in South Africa – got R150?

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