Go to work sick, and get fired without warning – Labour Court

a week ago

Last month, the Labour Court ordered the firing of an employee for going to work after testing positive for Covid-19.

The employee challenged his dismissal at the CCMA, which found that his employer should have issued a final warning prior to dismissal.

The labour court disagreed, overturning the CCMA’s findings.

In other words, flouting Covid-19 protocols can get you fired without receiving a warning.

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Africa Melane interviewed labour consultant Kim Heres.

The labour court overruled… saying the dismissal was fair… total disregard for the rules… He knew what was expected of him…

Kim Heres, labour consultant

The Disaster Management Act renders employers liable for anybody in your workplace; employees and customers…

Kim Heres, labour consultant

If you have an employee who is ill… you are answerable for it.

Kim Heres, labour consultant

The employer has to do some kind of contact tracing… and allow the employee to get treatment, and to self-isolate…

Kim Heres, labour consultant

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

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